Investing in your wedding photography is one of the most important decisions you will make. Quality wedding photographs help preserve those happy memories and choosing a professional.... like us... that will give you the best experience, is vital to the most important day of your life. If we could break it down to you as simple as this: 
You pay for the venue but you won't own it. 
You pay for the flowers- they die. 
You buy a gorgeous dress that will only be worn once- or if you sell it then there goes that. 
Photos and video are the only things you get to actually keep and look back on for GENERATIONS to come. I want your grandchild (one day you will have one) walk into your home and see that beautiful 20x30 print on your wall and say, "DANNNG Grandpa...Grandma was a BABE!!!" -This is my goal. 
This is why its so important to invest and research for your photographer. 
Whether it is us or another professional.
We know that our style isn't for everyone and that's absolutely ok. If you are open to creativity and adventure please don't hesitate to email us with some questions! 

it's all about

Photo & Video

Your photographs exist in the physical world as prints, visible for generations to come to commemorate your special day. They are formal, beautiful moments captured with intention to tell the story of your wedding day. However, photographs can only capture so much magic in a still image. If you want to catch the whole kiss, those sweet moves on the dance floor, or the maid-of-honor’s toast word for word, investing in your story to its fullest potential only makes sense. Having a video of your wedding day takes your overall investment to the next level. You’re already paying for so many material things for your wedding that don’t last – let us get the shots that will. Your video takes you and your viewers through your whole wedding day experience. We capture all the big moments, as well as the little things you thought we’d miss, from the bride and groom getting ready to their grand exit. “It feels like I’m in a movie, 
it doesn’t even feel real” is a term we hear a lot on wedding days. Everything that happens that day only comes together because of the love you share. You only get this one day, let us make you the stars of your own fairytale motion picture.




We have several packages starting from the most basic wedding coverage of 6 hours.
This package includes just the day of photography and beautiful online gallery.
There are additional packages just inquire with us for the next step.


Your cinematic highlight film, traditional video and raws. We can assure you will not find this quality anywhere else not to mention the amazing drone coverage that can really give you an idea of how amazing your venue really is or to catch those fireworks up in the night sky for that fairytale ending.


YES we Have photography and Video bundles!
This means you get more for your buck!
Engagement, Bridal, and Boudoir
sessions too! We do it all from beginning to end! Ask us how we can tell the full story of your most important day!