"Together we can face any challenges as deep as the ocean and as high as the sky."

 Jess Morales, the queen of natural light, is an award winning photographer, have been published on numerous wedding sites. Jess takes what is there and can make something truest spectacular, her style is simply unique and can be easily picked out. Jess is a devoted wedding photographer and educator. Jess has shot wedding material in Iceland and all over Texas.
"I love the wild, passionate,
freedom of my art. I never
had my fairytale told and
I believe it is vital for our
generations to come to
know where we come from
and I can do that through
photography "

Colby Novak 
Nicknamed the "king of reception lighting" has a bachelors degree in cinematography, graduated in 2015, colby is an award winning photographer and videographer, have been published on numerous websites and magazines. Colby Learned his style from one of the best photo companies in the world, slr lounge, and developed a known look in the wedding community by the age of 22. Has shot wedding material in places such as Iceland and Mexico. Colby is a devoted cinematographer and educator.
"I love what I do, tell a better story then they could ever have imagined"