the feels


I never have felt more comfortable being a third-wheel when I'm making crazy noises behind the camera and laughing at a joke of how you guys finally decided on what to eat the day before. 

I am all in all infatuated with humans and how we choose to love one another daily. 
After all the beetles said it best when they said, 
"Love is all we need." I can't, for one second imagine doing anything else
but documenting your story.

So I'm going to be honest I dont want to look at your pinterest photos.
I do not want props from hobby lobby, I JUST WANT YOUR BODIES, minds and emotions.
You two are all I will need to fill up your gallery, the jokes, corny things
you know about each other that no one does, the sweet cuddles and cover
tug-a-war love is what I am after so if that is what you want from your images, you have come to the perfect place.